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Red Sea is a leading Mobile Messaging providers company providing SMS solutions to clients.

We make it simple & easy for you to send your marketing messages to anywhere in the world with your own brand Name or your organization Name at a very low cost. We have exclusive mobile number databases which can be categorized as per your target market like age, Gender, Nationality or Salary ranges or city etc. since your marketing messages can be delivered directly to the mobile phones of your potential clients which make SMS Marketing one of the best tool for Marketing.

What you can do with SMS MARKETING?

  • Run Marketing Campaign.
  • Product Launch
  • Send Promotions.
  • Send announcement.
  • Send reminders to your Client
  • Send greetings
  • Send alerts
  • Send notifications
  • Polling
  • Discount Code distribution and much more

Mobile Number Database

We can send your marketing messages with our Exclusive & 100% Accurate Database and can be filtered into many categories so that you can send your marketing messages to your exact target market.


The Mobile Number database can be categorized as:

    • UAE Locals only
    • Expatriates only
    • Arabic Speakers only
    • English Speakers Only
    • Asians only
    • Europeans, American, African Only
    • By specific Nationality Wise like (India, Egypt, Bahrain, America etc)
    • Age Wise
    • VIP’s and High Salaried Peoples
    • City Wise
    • Gender Wise (like Males or Females only)

    SMS Application Features

    • Web based Application
    • Full support to send SMS in English/Arabic/other Languages.
    • Phonebook-Can store contacts as well as manage contacts in Groups.
    • User can be able to send Single or Bulk SMS.
    • User can send Bulk SMS from any computer just having internet Browser.
    • View Messages History & Delivery report
    • View Credits information

    Message Contents:

    Number of characters per message is limited by the following chart:


    No of Characters Messages Count
    English Arabic  
    Up to 160 Up to 70 1
    Between 161 to 314 Between 71 to 134 2
    Between 315 to 468 Between 135 to 198 3



    • You can use one of the following option for sender ID:
    1. Your Company Name or Your client company name which will charge you 350 AED per month, for sender ID registration at least 6 months contract is required.
    2. You can send SMS from “SMS” and/or “SMSAlert”, these is Sender ID is free for all our customers.
    3. You can send SMS from one of the 4 digit short code registered by our company, our customer can use our pre-registered short code free of cost.
    • If you are purchasing for Ex. 20,000 SMS, you are permitted to send to 20,000 contacts. And this will apply for all packages.
    • If you are planning to send the campaign, we need contents of the message before schedule it, we will test your message will send to your numbers for testing, when you approve the message we will then schedule it which should be within 24 hours at your convenient time.

    Terms & Conditions:

    • 100% advance,
    • Job starts on the confirmation / payment(s) as per the contract / understanding. Required resources (If any) to be provided by the customer in timely manner.

    Packages prices:
    You can contact us to know the prices of packages for marketing services via text messages.