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Magazine Design

Magazine title should be attractive and relevant and matching with the contents. Regarding the design, it should be simple, elegant, unique and different from any other publication in the field. Magazine should be different in font size, colours, title location on the cover, all that would give the magazine its unique identity. Cover story, mainsheets and subtitles would be the first element to attract readers’ attention. Editorial team and art designers should sit together and coordinate those issues.

Table of contents is considered as a core element in identifying the magazine identity. Designing the page of contents is always a challenge for the graphic designers, it is the first to be reviewed by the readers, and to great extend it determines whether the reader will continue reading/ browsing the magazine or not. Page of contents should reflect clearly the magazine topics and contents with the page numbers along with some relevant photos.

The design of the internal sections of the magazine should reflect a consistent identity. Fonts, text, and titles are also important in shaping the identity. Some of the major publishing houses are keen even to get their own fonts, text and colours to be used for their publications. That might keep the clients’ attraction and admiration for a longer period of time.

The colours used for framing, background, motives and texting are also essential in determining the magazine identity. Level of colouring will tell about the magazine type, scope and the audience it targets. Light colours are used to show decency and professionalism. Dark and shouting colours are used in Impulsive and spontaneous magazines and publications that are more excitement-oriented. Mixture of both colours (light & dark) would indicate a light and miscellaneous magazine.

Columns and regular sections should be of a consistent design and it should be of a little difference and strong link to the magazine identity.

Advertising should also be in line with the magazine identity and reflect the scope and type of the magazine.