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Business Card Design

Business Card:

Business cards are very important for professional personnel to exchange and share their contacts information. They play significant role in business development. To ensure business cards would contribute to business development, they should be accurate, professional, elegant, informative, and concise. Red Sea Advertising is happy to provide its services in regard to business card design and printing.

Standard size of business is 5X9 cm with many other sizes and dimensions, as required.

Card Specifications:

To order any kind of publication we need some specifications to be mentioned: Number of colours, number of pages; page size; one or two-sides printing; embossing; paper specifications (size, texture, weight and type).

Art effects specifications: to be specified when placing the order:

Lamination, spot UV coating, shining materials, golden plated printing, foil plated printing, cutting, and folding.

For further information and placing your order, please fill up the form and/or give us a call.