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About us

Red Sea Advertising is a specialized company that provides a wide range of services including publishing, printing, designing, website designing and development, illustrative designing, movie making, software solutions, audio-visual solutions, media solutions, marketing campaigns, interactive contents and solutions, SMS solutions, ecommerce solutions, gift items, etc. we extend our services to all sectors, that includes: banking, commercial, finance, education, training, health, engineering, legal, etc. our services also provided to individuals and family business companies.

What we do

With our professional experience we mix technology, arts, and contents to produce different high quality products and services. Our products include multimedia products, interactive contents. We take care of designing and publishing activities. We organize and conduct training programs for media professionals e.g. photographers, cameramen, editors, movie makers.

We also produce all kinds of multimedia product for cultural, social, promotional and personal purposes.

How do we work?

At the earlier stage of any project we spend enough time with the client to understand fully the exact objective of the project, and before finalizing our proposal, we discuss thoroughly the customer needs and expectations and make sure that every point is very clear, based on that we agree on the estimated budget and the time framework for the project, and identify the obligations of each party and the required materials (text, photos, information, etc.). Detailed plan for development and upgrading should also be considered. All these points will be translated into a contract/agreement. A copy of the contract/agreement will be send to the client for approval. Then the contract will be signed by the two parties prior to the start of the project.

Sample works

Along with the illustrative and multimedia design, website designing is considered as one of our core services and products. We do design and develop secured and user-friendly websites, with latest and advanced technologies e.g. content management software, Flash, PHP software with all the potentiality provided by this applications and software.


We at Red Sea Advertising have got long, strong and diversified experience to help your business grow. We design and produce publication as well as the multimedia products. Throughout those product we ensure to keep your business identity and corporate culture very clear and distinguished. That includes logos, letterhead, business cards, brochures, booklets, posters, banners, and interior design.