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Magazine Design

Design magazines,

Name of the magazine must be pointing indicative of the nature and quality of the field which will interact with the magazine through its Article editorial. In terms of design it should be characterized by a different name of the magazine in general lines and shape from other names of other publications.

Design should reflect the nature of the content, if he was serious or mild or moderate diverse. In terms of place and into the magazine name on the cover so as to achieve excellence of the magazine for other magazines, and earned the special features. Lead cover image with titles biggest and most important role in attracting the attention of readers, so, the editorial management team, along with the output pay particular attention to the subject of the cover also leads the picture and the size and number and location of the address major role in the formation of the identity of the magazine Foreign her character. Contents pages is one of the most important features that make up the identity of the magazine, and multiple processing methods Ajarajia, as the nature and abundance Altibograveh elements on these pages makes space for the director in order to highlight the technical potential, and his ability to convince the reader to continue to browse the magazine. And starring on these pages Title and page number and the image sometimes but not always. Fees and special shapes for each section of the magazine leads its place on the page with an important role in shaping the identity of the magazine from the inside. Forms of lines / characters (lines / ABC Metn and addresses), which is important in the formation of the identity of the magazine, to the extent that there is some role major publication is commissioned specialized in the production lines designed lines for the board and addresses of publications companies, Vaharv is more Altibograveh elements that are in communion with the eye for longer periods. Colors (used in titles and floors pages and motifs) are the most important elements that determine the identity of the magazine at first glance, Brighter flagrant or blatant means that we are in front of a light magazine looking for excitement and draw attention to the highest voice, and colors quiet means we are facing a serious magazine sober, and the diversity of colors stark and quiet by topic means that we are facing a variety of comprehensive magazine. Pages and doors fixed (in terms of form and art therapy) and allocates these pages to the great writers of the magazine, which correspond to the fixed columns in the newspaper, and must be on the way out to deal technically and Ajarajia with these pages to its importance in a manner characteristic of both of them about the other and earn privacy on the one hand, and with a thread linking them all on the other hand, feel the reader that they belong to one magazine. Finally .. ads that ads can be published in the magazine once considered sufficient because we classify factional magazine (serious / light / variety).