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Book Design

Design Books,

Design book and booklets in which most of the designers depends on the desktop publishing software Adobe indesign. Publisher and designer should be know the advantages of the program and with the knowledge of printing and, more importantly to be know the knowledge of books and sizes and lines.

Sizes vary depending on the type of book and the size of booklet differs from the book measure on … etc .. A5 measurement is to measure the palm-size and also you are free to choose the appropriate measurement So you are not obliged to measurements sander of books.

Cover design first and then arrange the paper after the cover in terms of title and gifting and Introduction and the author’s name and content after that we start maiden pages of the book.

Always we numbered the right pages with tow number and the left pages with a single number. Be attention to the number 1 it’s for the cover and no writing.

Adobe indesign not to design the images, but to the establishment of magazines and newspapers, books, catalogs and not the image processing such as Photoshop program, but the program deals with the images after its inception and processed in Photoshop.